Tar Heel Transfer Student Organization

Tar Heel Transfers (THT) is a student-run organization just for transfer students.

Since its inception several years ago, THT has strived to assist incoming transfer students in their adjustment to life at UNC Chapel Hill. THT organizes a variety of events throughout the school year that offer all transfer students opportunities for personal growth and social support.  The organization also ensures that the needs of transfer students are met in a supportive manner by maintaining close ties with various University departments. The THT executive board hopes that you will see THT as a resource that is always readily available to you.

If you are a sophomore or junior transfer and you are interested in a co-chair position for any of the following, please contact Carla Rodriguez, Coordinator for NSCPP, rodrigc@email.unc.edu

2014 -2015 Tar Heel Transfers (THT) Executive Board

Name: Emily Mann
Position: President
Major: Journalism and Communication Studies
Class: 2015
Email: emmann@live.unc.edu

Name: J'naya Marville
Position: Co-Vice President
Major: Psychology
Class: 2016
Email: marville@live.unc.edu

Name: Fredrick Hood
Position: Co-Vice President
Major: Economics
Class: 2016
Email: fhood@live.unc.edu

Name: Kate Williams
Position: Parliamentarian
Major: Peace, War and Defense
Class: 2016
Email: katherwi@live.unc.edu

Name: John Valencia
Position: Treasurer
Major: Economics
Class: 2016
Email: jcv94@live.unc.edu

Name: Stephanie Saturne
Position: Secretary
Major: Nursing
Class: 2015
Email: saturne@email.unc.edu

Name: Joey Canale
Position: Fundraising Chair
Major: Communications Studies
Class: 2015
Email: canale1@live.unc.edu

Name: Noah Simmons
Position: Event Chair
Major: Political Science and American Studies
Class: 2014
Email: nmsimmon@live.unc.edu

Name: Ben Lewis
Position: Publicity Chair
Major: Hispanic Linguistics
Class: 2015
Email: blewis03@live.unc.edu

THT Contact Information:

Email: thtransfers@unc.edu 

Twitter: @THTransfers 

Facebook pages:



Carla Rodriguez, Coordinator for NSCPP, rodrigc@email.unc.edu

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill